Midthunder Casting is in search of Native American Basketball Players and when I saw the pay, I looked into the company to be sure they were legit, and they are. My thought was with an offer of $1000 per day, this could be a trafficker or some other bad person trying to bring harm to Natives. But the woman who owns the company is Native herself, she is Angelique Midthunder and she specialized in casting "authentic Indigenous talent."

Midthunder is currently casting for roles in a feature film for a "major streaming service." They are seeking male and female basketball players aged 18 to early 20's, able to portray high school students. All types, shapes, and sizes are encouraged to apply, and no acting experience is necessary. To apply, email the following information to midthundermoviecasting@gmail.com

Name, height, phone number, email address, location (city, reservation or community), and basketball experience. You don't have to, but you can also include your tribal or clan affiliation. Your included headshot or photo can be simple cell phone pictures, but should include one of your face, and one head-to-toe photo, and they ask they you don't use filters, hats, sunglasses, and have no other people or pets in the photos.

The listed pay rate is $1000 per day, or $3500 per week, citing the SAG scale, and they note that all CDC guidelines and precautions will be followed during filming. I know we've got some badass basketball players in Montana, so spread the word and hopefully you'll be seeing someone you know in an upcoming film!

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