Well, the Brawl of the Wild game didn't exactly go the way we had hoped it would. And when all the number crunching was done - the Bobcats also took home the bragging rights with the food drive competition between Missoula and Bozeman.

The following recap was posted on the canthecats.com website:

213,438.25 LBS + $208,421.19

206,550 LBS + $230,095.89

We are overwhelmed with the donations that came in over the past two weeks for our local food bank & we beat our goal!!

Together, we collected $208,421.19 and 213,438.25 LBS of food for a total of 421,859.44!!

Every year, our totals get bigger & bigger to help those struggling with hunger in our community and we are incredibly grateful.

Though our friends in Bozeman won the food drive with a total of 437,265, in this competition we all win!

Thank you, thank you for helping us nourish our community!! #canthecats#gogriz#wenourishcommunity#healthyfoodforall

Hopefully next year will be a double revenge scenario with a Griz win in the game and Missoula getting the best of the food drive competition.

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