Wild turkeys are among the birds included in management by the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks "Upland Game Bird Enhancement Program Citizens' Advisory Council." Of the 12 volunteers on the board, a vacancy is available for a member of a local Chamber of Commerce.

The advisory council meets twice a year - in the spring and in the fall for two-day sessions. The council members are appointed by FWP Director Martha Williams and will serve for two-year or 4-year terms. The council advises FWP "on the maintenance of a long-term Upland Game Bird Enhancement Program strategic plan and evaluate annual activities," according a news release from Joleen Tadej.

If you are interested, apply online at the FWP website. Or you can call the Wildlife Division at 406-444-2612. Deadline is February 23. Other terms are coming vacant this year in various categories.

The next meeting of the council is March 26-27 in Helena.

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