During the pandemic the Pharaohplex in Hamilton did some feature concerts on the big screen, so when we heard that Bon Jovi were jumping on the drive in train, we kinda thought they would pick the concert up, and they did!

The drive in concert series shows, like the Metallica one we presented last year, are part of "Encore Drive-In Nights 2021," indicating that there will be more coming. The Bon Jovi concert will broadcast at around 300 drive-ins across the U.S., Canada and Ireland, as well as select indoor cinemas around the world.

“Bon Jovi is a global icon and we’re so happy that the band will be launching our 2021 concert season!” Encore Drive-In Nights CEO Walter Kinzie said in a press release. “The pandemic has taught us that there are new avenues for live entertainment, and this model is one of the safest and most innovative options for world-class, fun events for the whole family. There are millions of fans who don’t usually attend live shows, whether it’s because they live far away from the big touring arenas or because of the cost. Artists can now connect with these fans in a completely new way.”

The Bon Jovi concert will show one time only at the Pharaohplex Drive-In in Hamilton on Saturday, May 22nd. Tickets are on sale this Thursday, April 29th HERE. Prices start at $68 per vehicle, up to a car load of 6 people.

Meanwhile, inside the Pharaohplex theater, they are remodeling and I hear two of the six theaters are currently still in tact. You can keep up with the progress on their Facebook page.

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