Iconic new wave band Blondie are going to be stopping by Missoula next week. On Tuesday, September 4th, you'll be able to catch them at the Kettlehouse Amphitheater. I caught them on their tour with Garbage last year and it was terrific, so I'm pretty excited to get the chance to see them again.

And, ahead of the show, we got to talk to Clem Burke, who's been drumming with Blondie since their beginnings in 1974. It's a great conversation, covering how long it's been since the band has stopped by Montana, how he feels about the band's legacy, his favorite up-and-coming bands, and he goes in-depth on the band's latest record, Pollinator.

Tickets are still available at logjampresents.com, so get on that, it's going to be a great show.

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