We were big fans of Blockers here at ScreenCrush. Our Britt Hayes reviewed the movie and gave it an 8/10, calling it a “perfect teen coming-of-age story” that’s also a “great sex comedy.” She also praised the work of director Kay Cannon; “as a mother,” she wrote “Cannon is able to deftly explore every side of the debate at hand, providing insights from teen daughters and single mothers, doting dads and endearingly clueless boys named Chad. There isn’t a mean bone in this movie’s body.”

Now you can get Cannon’s interpretation of her own work, along with her insights into the filmmaking process in a new video (watch it above) for Vanity Fair, where she breaks down one sequence from the film (the infamous “chase puke scene”) shot by shot. She even gets out the telestrator to explain which puke is practical and which puke is CGI. (Impressive CGI puke, by the way. Looks just as pukey as the real thing.)

Cannon also describes how they got that car to stand straight up on its end, and points out some of the computer work they had to do on the scene to hide all the actual rain they were experiencing on set (if you didn’t spot it that’s because they CGI’d most of it out). She also reveals a horrifying fact: There was so much fake puke, that it started to really smell like puke in that car, and then people nearly started actually puking. Yikes.

Blockers is now available on Digital and Blu-ray. And Vanity Fair has more of these director telestrator videos on their YouTube channel; they’re a lot of fun.

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