Have you heard about the Straight Pride Parade? It's apparently coming to fruition after a group of men in the Boston area sought to stage the event, and as expected, it's caused quite the reaction on social media. We reported on a popular tweet from Smash Mouth yesterday, who offered a "Fuck Off" upon learning about the event. Now, Blink-182's Mark Hoppus is also weighing in, while channeling his response into doing some good for an LGBTQ organization.

"To celebrate how utterly ridiculous a Straight Pride parade is, I’m going to auction off one of my basses, match the final bid dollar-for-dollar, and donate all the money to the @TrevorProject," stated the Blink-182 singer-bassist.

At press time, Hoppus' declaration had drawn over 18,600 likes and over 3,300 retweets. However the information on the bidding for the musical instrument has yet to be revealed.

The Straight Pride Parade is tentatively set for an Aug. 31 date in Boston. Additional details can be found here.

Hoppus and his Blink-182 bandmates are currently wrapping up a new studio album, with plans to hit the road this summer with Lil' Wayne and Neck Deep. Dates for the run can be found here.

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