Blink-182 are making solid progress on their next studio album, a disc that Mark Hoppus says in a new interview will have a "more aggressive" sound to it.

Drummer Travis Barker recently spoke of the album coming from a more experimental place, much like their critically praised untitled release. Hoppus echoed those sentiments in a new interview with NME.

“It’s very different to California,” he explained. “It’s a lot more aggressive. It’s darker in theme and tone. If you like California to Enema of the State then this album is more like the untitled record where we are trying to experiment more: trying to experiment more, trying different sounds, and trying to expand upon what people think Blink 182 is."

During the chat, Hoppus revealed that the band had recorded over 40 songs for the set, which will eventually be paired down for the next release. He also spoke of some of the things that have been inspiring him of late, adding, "I think that the world is quite a strange place right now in general. People are really wound up, everyone is on edge and that seeps into everything that you do."

He continued, "There’s also a lot of hope and positive things happening in the world. Hopefully we are moving the world in the right direction, even in the face of all of these strange obstacles."

During a recent interview, Barker revealed that California producer John "Feldy" Feldmann had been working with the group, but that they also spent time working with the Neptunes hitmaker Pharrell Williams and a pop production duo called the Futuristics. Barker also stated he expected the album to arrive before the band's appearances at the Vans Warped Tour this summer.

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