Whether you're mourning the shitshow that is 2020 or you're one of my black t-shirt wearing peeps, you're gonna dig the black Christmas trees that are now available at Missoula retailers and online. My sister sent me a pic of the one she scored at the Walmart on Mullan, I think she's planning to purple hers up to honor Prince. We've always had a small pink Christmas tree in The Blaze studio for the holidays, finally we can replace it with something more suitable for rock bands.

If you check out Amazon, you can find black, full, artificial, 6 foot trees with a stand for about $70, and there's a 7 and a half foot one for about $90. Some are even available with built in lights, which looks pretty cool and eliminates a cord running around your tree. I also hear they are available at Target, although I haven't seen with my own eyes so I can't confirm that, although I do see they are available to order from Target online.

Imagine all of the possibilities here. I love my sister's idea of an artist theme, I would do all Foo Fighters ornaments with a Dave Grohl angel on top. We've done all Blaze sticker hand made ornaments on our big tree in the station lobby before, that's an idea. Hand make your own ornaments to fit what you think should go on a black tree. Another idea could be the 2020 specific ornaments you've probably seen in ads, featuring Santa in a face mask, encouraging messages like "stay strong", and some dedicated to front line workers.

If you decide to go with the black tree, honestly, the best idea is featuring your favorite bands and artists. An AC/DC tree would look pretty badass. If you're a movie buff like Mike, you could order ornaments of all of your fave movies, it's not even Turkey Day yet, so you should get them in time to decorate. Whatever you decide, you'll certainly remember the year you bought a black tree. If you go with black this year, be sure to send us a pic of your tree, along with your lights, you could win 500 bucks!

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