Bob Danley had a few more simple tips for those of you trying to capture moments of nature on your camera.

  • 1. Avoid bright sunlight. A combo of shade and sun is best. Bring a hat to shade that flower just right.
  • 2. Take photos from various distances - near, medium and far. The same rule for height - high, medium and low. You'll be surprised at the differences.
  • 3. Use a tripod or a bean bag to reduce camera movement.
  • Migration is about done, with only 6 new bird species in Missoula County in the last week, and only 4 in Ravalli County. A few species - Lazuli bunting has a song that sounds like "fire fire where where here here!" Yellow Warbler songbird with a song that is similar to "sweet sweet sweet I'm so sweet!" You can often hear the bird before you see them when you're out and about. Over 60 species of wildflowers are blooming or budding. That varies with elevation, by the way. Try farther up that mountain road to see spring flowers that are just now waking up. The hot weather will bring out over 16 species of butterflies, and the dragonflies are zipping around, too.
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    Prairie Smoke flowers. (Bob Danley photo)
    Prairie Smoke flowers. (Bob Danley photo)

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