Green Day's punk rock opera American Idiot was a revolutionary release. On paper, the concept seemed to contradict the foundation of punk's ideals, but it proved to be so successful that it was transformed into a musical in 2010. Now, Billie Joe Armstrong has begun thinking about another revolutionary move: switching the gender roles of the entire cast.

Armstrong hasn't laid out any master plans for this idea. Instead, he proposed the idea in an Instagram post which celebrated a recent performance of the American Idiot musical.

"So stoked for @cadebecker1 and the cast of American Idiot performing at Chapman college!! Congrats to all of you.. (on a side note I was wondering what it would be like if someone did a production where the men and women switched roles. Johnny be played by a woman? Whatsername be Whatshisface? I like it)," he wrote in the post seen below.

While the musical has been in full swing for nearly a decade, there's still more options on the table. Green Day have repeatedly expressed their intentions for a film adaption of their 2004 album. As of 2016, HBO had given the project a green light and Armstrong mentioned the script was undergoing a series of rewrites.

Could another re-write, one that reverses the gender roles of the story's characters, come to fruition? We'll have to wait and see.

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