Sasquatch or Bigfoot - whatever you want to call the mysterious creature of the deep woods - will probably not be attending the Big Sky Bigfoot Conference in Hamilton September 22 and 23. But there will be plenty of people there who will tell of their encounters with Bigfoot.

The conference will be detailing sightings of eyewitnesses, some sightings that have happened in the Bitterroot Valley, according to organizer Sarah Lederle.

Friday night, award-winning filmmaker Seth Breedlove will present a movie and there will be a witness town hall meeting, hosted by Montana researchers.

A full day of lectures fills Saturday, starting at 10 a.m. Guest of Honor at this year's session is Bob Gimlin, who was there in 1967 when his partner Roger Patterson filmed what has been probably the most viewed video of a Bigfoot creature.

Also at the conference will be Dr. Jeff Meldrum Of Idaho State University, writer Becky Cook, researchers Marc Myrsell, Joe Hauser, Tom Brodhead and Thomas Ertz. Misty Allabaugh will be the event M.C.

Tickets for the conference are $25 and $15 for children. More information is at the conference website.

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