You've got your weekly bar bingo games, and that's fun, but if you're serious about your bingo, you're going to want to get in on the Potomac fundraiser tonight at the Hilton Garden Inn. Doors open at 4 with bingo staring at 6 p.m. this evening, February 29th. Potomac knows how to do this up, it's their 17th annual event, and more than 500 participants typically show up for a chance to shout BINGO! Full bar on site, no outside food or drink allowed. See below for food menu.

Proceeds from tonight's event will go to:

*All-school educational programs/field trips such as Shakespeare in the School, Wildlife Film Festival, Museum of the Rockies, Animal Wonders and more;
*Improvements to the PGCC school gymnasium;
*Enhancement of our Artist in Residence Program; and
*Provision of the Potomac Outdoor School, including invited speakers and classes in wildlife, Native American history and culture, astronomy, and more during a multi-day adventure in the Blackfoot.


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