Three things that must happen when getting together for the holidays. Great food, catching up on gossip, and sharing lots of laughs during game time. Here are the best games to break the ice and make memories. (In no particular order of awesomeness.)

  • 1

    Cards Against Humanity

    Not for the faint of heart, you may hear respected adults utter words like "bukakke" and "motherf***ing sorcerer." By far the most fun and most hilarious game, created by people who pull some great real life stunts. For a local twist, try Cards Against Colonialism, especially fun after turkey dinner.

  • 2

    Apples To Apples

    Basically the kids' version of Cards Against Humanity. A fill-in-the-blank card game with much more innocent words & phrases, perfect for adults and kids.

  • 3


    OMG we LOOOOVE Headbandz, so much fun. You get a headband that displays a card that you can't see. During your turn, you get a limited amount of time to ask questions of your fellow players to try and guess your card. Usually gathers onlookers, be sure to avoid mirrors and selfies during game play.

  • 4

    Candy Land

    A classic that kids definitely still want adults to play with them.

  • 5

    Chutes & Ladders

    Another classic that doesn't take too long to play and appeases even the youngest kids who want to get involved.

  • 6


    If you can concentrate in a house full of family.

  • 7


    Oh! We just learned how to play this last (2017) Christmas. There's a learning curve but it's fun and makes a perfect stocking stuffer.

  • 8


    Haven't played this in ages but it always cracks everybody up.

  • 9


    If you have 5 hours to kill. Two suggestions; don't play with my Dad and check out the local version, called Missoula-opoly, which you can find at Rockin' Rudy's.

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