With all of the fires around our area, especially the Lolo Peak fire that put my house under an evacuation warning I really wanted to find something this past weekend to take my mind off of all that. I found the perfect solution as my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew joined Savannah and I to take in some racing action at the Big Sky Kartway. It was my nephew Colby's first time at any racetrack so it was especially fun seeing his jaw drop as the karts whipped around the track.

As we watched the karts and some dirt flew up at us in the stands it was the perfect setting for a Montana Saturday night. After the races owners Shawn and Patty let us back into the pit area to meet some racers and check out some karts. While I was back there I ran into Jason Hills in the #47 kart, I first met Jason a few years back while in the Go-Kart racing league at The Hub in Missoula.

Jason's #47 Kart is sponsored by Modern Machinery, Whalen Tires, and Customm Upholstery. It's a fun kart, and I know that from experience, he actually let me get behind the wheel of his kart. It was an adrenaline rush that I will appreciate for a while, and I am really excited that I didn't break anything. Check out the video of my on the track!


    Sky High at the Big Sky Resort

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