Bad Religion have just unleashed a new short, but very sweet, political track. The punk legends are consistent as always with “The Profane Rights of Man,” which is reminiscent of their Empire Strikes First era.

Earlier this year, Bad Religion released “The Kids Are Alt-Right,” lampooning party time anthems with an attack on the far right, alternative facts and traditional conservatism. The track was both politically and sonically divisive, being criticized for both its message and structure. Though “The Kids Are Alt-Right” was received as one of the weaker songs of Bad Religion’s pristine discography, “The Profane Rights of Man” goes back to the band’s classic style.

Guitarist Brett Gurewitz has unabashedly called Bad Religion’s upcoming full-length “an album’s worth of ‘Fuck Trump’ songs.” On “The Profane Rights of Man,” lines like, “And so returns the bourgeoisie / The bastard child of democracy / Morphs into aristocracy / Demands advantage it must not receive,” stand out for the hyper-literate wordplay of singer Greg Graffin.

“The song is based on the 1789 document, 'The Universal Rights of Man.' Since we’re a band that has a longstanding tradition of championing the enlightenment, we wanted to emphasize that our society is based on a profane rather than a sacred theological justification for human rights," says Graffin. "In sum, the song is about Bad Religion’s belief in a secular basis for the protection of human rights for all people.”

As of this posting, there’s no information on when Bad Religion’s 17th studio album will be released, but the release of “The Profane Rights of Man” would suggest the veteran punks have finished the recording process.

Listen to the fresh cut above and stay tuned as news continues to be revealed on Bad Religion’s new album.

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