We are officially two days in to an awesome 3-day weekend filled with amazing Missoula Marathon actvities. The weekend started with the infamous beer run that went down last night in Caras Park and picked right back up this morning with the Missoula 5K!

But one of the coolest runs of the weekend, started across the river, right in front of Boone and Crockett. I'm talking about the Kids Marathon of course!

What an amazing sight! Hundreds of kids and their families showed up to participate in the run that went way beyond your typical 'kids run.' Many of these kids have been working their little tails off all spring to complete their mileage log.

To earn their 25 miles, the kiddos were able to walk, swim, roll, hike, and of course, run! Schools, sports teams and the Youth Track Club were just a few of the resources a lot of these kids used to reach their goal! Then this morning, they completed their journey in a very superhero-like fashion (they were all wearing AWESOME Missoula Marathon capes), by running in the 1.2 mile Kid's Marathon run, bringing them to that glorious 26.2 mile mark!

Seriously it was an amazing sight to see so many young kids care so much about this run. All the pre-run stretching, sprinting, dancing and laughing that I saw this morning might be the cutest thing I've seen in a while!!!

The Kid's Marathon was an awesome way to motivate our kids to stay active all year long and push themselves to reach their goals. I felt beyond lucky to be apart of their day today!

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