Fall is here, which gives way to some beautiful hikes around much of Montana. Cold crisp evenings and the changing colors make for some great times in the woods. And nothing can beat a hike with your furry friend or a mountain bike ride in the 28,000 acres of our very own Rattlesnake National Recreation Area. But you may be breaking the law if you do.

Did you know that dogs and bikes are PROHIBITED in certain areas of the Rattlesnake NRA?

A post recently surfaced on Reddit, where people were discussing certain laws around the Missoula area. One argument surfaced about the restrictions of both dogs and bicycles in the Rattlesnake. It turns out that there are portions of the popular recreation area where it is against the law to have your dog. Leashed or not.

According to the National Forest Service Rattlesnake NRA brochure

Bicycles are restricted to designated trails shown on the map. Bicycles are also prohibited on the short trail between the horse trailhead and Trail 515.

Plus, riding off-trail on bikes. Is strictly prohibited. Not to mention building ramps or jumps and even user-built trails.

grzegorz rakowski via unsplash.com

As for dogs, it is also true that FIDO is NOT welcome everywhere in the Rattlesnake.

According to the National Forest Service Rattlesnake NRA brochure

Dogs are prohibited year-round in Sawmill and Curry Gulches. Dog regulations vary by area and time of year for the rest of the NRA.

Granted, this does not mean that your dog has to stay home. As it is clear that biking and hiking with your dog are both very popular among people recreating in the area. Just be clear of the regulations before you go.

ryan stone via unsplash.com

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