For the fifth time this season, a boat has been found carrying invasive mussels at one of the Montana inspection stations. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks reported the boat (on its way from Wisconsin to Alberta, Canada) was found to have zebra mussels when it stopped by an inspection station May 24. The owner had recently purchased the used boat and was taking it to Canada.

FWP reported that mussels were found on the outboard motor and inspectors began to wash the boat, but were unable to complete the decontamination. They locked the boat and notified Canadian authorities, where complete inspection will be done. All those transporting motorized or nonmotorized watercraft into Montana must stop at the FWP inspection stations. And if you're unsure about your boat's condition, visit one of the stations. The inspection stations are marked on a map at a Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks website. Remember - Clean, Drain and Dry.

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