Join Animal Wonders on Saturday, December 2nd at the Montana Natural History Center for a Holiday Celebration and Fundraiser! Take pictures with Santa Claus and Animal Wonders Animal Ambassadors for priceless photos that you will treasure for years to come!

Photo courtesy of Meaghan Loos-Becht
Photo courtesy of Meaghan Loos-Becht

Animal Wonders is an organization set up to spread knowledge and understanding of animals and conservation throughout Montana. Through the use of live animal aids and presentations, meeting Montana science standards, Animal Wonders will educate the public about animal adaptation, animal behavior, and conservation. Animal Wonders will adopt displaced wildlife and other animals in need and give them the job of becoming ambassadors for their species. We pledged to give a life-long home and provide exceptional care and respect to any animal that becomes a resident of Animal Wonders.


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