My Fellow Missoula Drivers,

Please, I implore you, stop speeding through school zones. Hell, while you're at it, maybe you could even stop at the crosswalks or anywhere students are trying to cross. While it's maddening to watch drivers speed through streets surrounding grade schools while little kids do their best to navigate the safest opportunity to cross, it's equally infuriating at the high schools. Just because the students are taller doesn't mean you don't have to stop and let them cross.

I don't even care if you opt to use your blinkers, I mean, it's dangerous not to, but everyone knows there's something in the Missoula city water that deteriorates the part of our brains that makes us use the little stick on the steering column that makes the pretty lights on the outside of our cars blink. So don't use your blinkers, but please PLEASE go slow in school zones.

And if cars are stopped in front of you, IT'S FOR A REASON. Don't get all huffy and speed around stopped traffic, do you really want to be the next Montanan in the news for running someone over? Killing someone? Absolutely not, that's horrifying. Don't be like the person who sped around stopped traffic and ran over a guy at a Russell Street crosswalk.

According to Missoula Resolution 8137, the school zone speed limit is 25 miles per hour during weekdays between 7:30 a.m. and 4:15 p.m.

And listen, I'm not a perfect driver by any stretch of the imagination. Sometimes I forget to wear my seatbelt, do the occasional "California Roll" and become a looky-loo when emergency vehicles are present. But I do try to allow my fellow drivers some mercy. Because maybe the driver I'm tempted to honk at or bully for being slow is a teenager experiencing their first winter as a driver, or a kindly elderly man trying to get his wife to the hospital. If the people around you are going slow, you go slow. Everyone knows you're a tough guy with a big loud truck, everyone can see you're a very busy executive who is late for a super important appointment, you don't have to speed to prove it. Chill out.

All my gratitude,

Mom, Auntie, and fan of children not being run over, Angel

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