Did we just become best friends? - James and Brett talking about me probably... haha

But seriously, what a day! One of my favorite parts about this job is getting to know the artists that I play every day on the radio. Somehow the personal connection changes the music I hear and makes it a million times better!

James Sunderland and Brett Hite are the two dudes who make up the band, Frenship. And if you've been listening to 107.5 ZooFM at all the last two weeks, then you know all about the Show Us Your Frenship contest for Tinnabulation music festival passes... (Wanna know more? Click HERE!)

Obviously we created the contest around these guys because #1 I love their music and #2 they are performing on day three of Tinnabulation and are one of the biggest names at the festival. We had no idea that they would even see this contest or even care about it. But they did and they do!

James and Brett were nice enough to reach out and setup an interview with me that turned into 30 minutes of us talking about their favorite coffee shop in Missoula (The Break), crying on stage (Both of them) and their upcoming show at Tinnabulation. If you missed the on-air interview, you can check it out below!

Okay so I'm gonna get all emotional for a sec but it really means a lot when bands take the time to share the love. Especially when they don't have to! It's bands like Frenship that keep the music industry alive and so much fun to be apart of! Can't wait to see what's next for these guys!

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