You may have heard that Townsquare Media is going through some pretty big changes. Well, it’s true. We are excited to be adding the talented staff from Cherry Creek Media to our Townsquare Media team.

As with any big change, especially in radio, sometimes that means moving to a new frequency or dial position. Here’s the good news: Alternative Missoula’s music will stay the same. Now, you’ll just find it at 95.7 FM. Unfortunately, our new signal won’t be ready right away. But, we know that not everyone has a traditional radio anymore, so here are all the ways you can listen to and connect with 95.7 Alternative Missoula in the meantime:

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When you’re at home, enable Alternative Missoula on your Alexa or Google Home device.


At work? You can listen to Alternative Missoula from your desktop at

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