The world lost a true gem when Alex Trebek passed away on November 8.

The Jeopardy! icon was beloved far and wide for his soothing demeanor, playful disposition with contestants and unmatched ability to bring people from all walks of life together in front of their TV screens decade after decade. He was a comforting presence for so many, like his family-friendly TV peers Mister Rogers and Bob Ross, but that doesn't mean the man didn't have a mischievous side.

In a viral supercut making the rounds again on social media following the television legend's passing due to pancreatic cancer, Trebek can be seen swearing like a sailor and goofing off while filming promos for the long-running game show. These naughty little outtakes ended up on the cutting room floor and never aired, of course, but somehow found their way online anyway—and we're so glad they did.

"Ya dumb son of a b---h," Trebek scolds himself at one point after messing up a promo cut, while the rest of the video is basically a barrage of F-bombs as the television host flubs his line reads.

Yes, the man who knew how to expertly pronounce the names of ancient Greek philosophers and European cities and complicated chemical elements we can hardly spell had a secret, hilarious potty mouth, it seems. And we love him all the more for it.

Alex, we'll take FCC violations for $400, below.

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