The smoke from Idaho, Oregon and California wildfires has reached Montana, bringing air quality levels in the Missoula area to 'unhealthy,' according to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality. Seeley, Frenchtown, Hamilton, and the Flathead Valley have also been downgraded to 'unhealthy' air quality, meaning older adults and children should avoid heavy outdoor activity or prolonged time outside, good idea for everyone to follow these guidelines, regardless of age. The northwestern corner of Montana, in the Libby area, is currently as 'hazardous' air quality levels.

At about 8:30 this morning, I ran out to my truck to grab something and noticed we officially have ash falling in Missoula. I checked in on my brother in Portland where the air quality has officially been deemed the worst in the world right now because of the wildfires, and he said everyone there is basically staying indoors. My Uncle is a Hot Shot and is fighting fires over there and says the air quality in Bend, Oregon is so bad that it registers off the air quality index.

The CDC says that people with asthma, heart or lung disease should avoid the outdoors as much as possible, same goes for kids as their little lungs are still developing. Also, keep indoor air as clean as possible by keeping doors and windows closed, and if you run your AC, turn off the fresh-air intake and be sure the filter is clean.

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