Are you the type of person that gets upset when your favorite grocery store changes the format of its aisles? For example, when the cereal aisle gets swapped with the canned goods aisle? I know I am. I spend so much time at the grocery store that I can almost shop with my eyes closed. But, the slightest change can throw my shopping trip completely out of whack.

BIG CHANGES are coming to BOTH Missoula Fresh Markets.

An employee-owned grocery chain based out of Spokane has announced that they are purchasing both Missoula Fresh Market locations. Yokes Fresh Market was founded in 1946 by Marshal Yoke. In the 1960s his son took over the family business and expanded the grocery store into 17 different locations. In the 90s the chain of stores offered employees stock in the company, creating the employee-owned stores currently operating. Today, there are Yoke's Fresh Markets in Spokane and the Tri-Cities in Washington, as well as 3 locations in Idaho, including Post Falls and Kellog.

According to the Yokes website

We take great pride in the communities in which we work and live. That’s why we do our part, as a business and as individuals, to help make them a better place for everyone - like supporting vital organizations and programs such as Second Harvest, Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, Vanessa Behan Crisis Center and the Christmas Bureau, to name a few. Whether it’s holding an annual food drive or pitching in to help schools in our area, we do our part to make the communities we call home a better place for all of us.

Hopefully, it won't take us long to get used to any new configurations, making our grocery shopping a breeze. Stay tuned for more on the new Yoke's Fresh markets coming to Missoula.

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