I heard more than once over the last couple of days that our local airport had changed it's name for the first time since it's opening in 1977, but I kept forgetting to check their page for confirmation. Sure enough, I looked 'em up on Facebook this afternoon and the Missoula International Airport is now the Missoula Montana Airport. Not a big difference, but it's certainly more accurate, and they also debuted a sharp looking new logo.

According to a KPAX article, including the word "international" in the name of airports is very 1970s. The airport project manager explained that they wanted to have a name that better reflects the people they serve. To me, it makes perfect sense and I can't imagine it being named anything else. He also said the new name is better for SEO, essentially people googling our city and airport. The article also said the airport considered hundreds of different logo designs before adapting the one you can see in their post below. Hundreds. That had to be time consuming.

You've seen the work being done over the years and it sounds like the new $100 million passenger terminal will be ready to rock in early 2022 and will be just the first of many new changes. Missoula has added more destinations recently, as well, including direct flights to Seattle, along with 11 other major markets: Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Oakland, Minneapolis, and Salt Lake City.

The following post is outdated, but shows the new logo nicely.

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