Since I work at a radio station and we're always kicking around ways we can have fun with our promotions and giveaways - I have to give this a little love for being a pretty great idea. Big Sky Breakout, where you'll find a collection of escape rooms in Missoula, has a way you can save 25% on your next booking if you find and answer a couple questions staged around the Hip Strip

Photo: Big Sky Breakout
Photo: Big Sky Breakout

They didn't make them too difficult and you'll have some fun playing along. Details below are from the Big Sky Breakout Facebook page.

It's time for a Spooky Halloween Hip Strip Hunt!

Each clue below will lead you to a different location on Missoula’s Hip Strip to complete a riddle. Your 3 answers will give you 2 words and 1 number, which when combined in order, will earn you 25% off your next game at either Big Sky Breakout location through the 2nd week of November! Use this code at checkout when you book online or mention it over the phone when you call. Please don't comment any answers on this post to keep them secret!

Having trouble with a riddle? Don’t hesitate to call us at 406-493-0528! Good luck!

First Location: Take a Hip trip to the bookstore on the strip. In the windows take a look for a local ‘Montana’ book. ‘Haunted’ ghosts that misbehave, on the cover is the site of
a _ _ _ _ _.

Second Location: Fancy a croissant or a hot cup of tea? Then make your way over to this French bakery! Where yeast does it’s magic and coffee is stored, a secret code will be found on a bulletin board. (Hint! PNG = CAT)

Third Location: Outside this shop where vegan donuts reign, you’ll find a mural of the famous Cobain. Decorations are sprinkled on the pastry behind his head, can you count how many are red?

Combine your 3 answers in order, with no spaces to create your 25% off code!

I've been wanting to try one of the games at Big Sky Breakout but haven't had the chance yet. It's definitely on my list of things to do when all the craziness of the pandemic fades away and family comes to visit. If you love all the escape rooms, still need to try a few, or want to check out Big Sky Breakout for the first time - have some fun answering the questions with the Hip Strip Hunt and save some money on your next escape adventure!

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