When you open up a brand new store and everything is clean and in order, that last thing you want is for a large animal getting inside. Unless it's this polite fella. This horse entered the new Town Pump on East Valley Center Road in Bozeman, did it's shopping, and left without destroying anything, or even knocking anything over.

Town Pump had a great sense of humor about it and shared the hilarious video on their Facebook page, saying "Now while we understand that you might have a codependent relationship with ol' Paint, we do ask that you dismount, ask your bronco to wait outside, and enter our stores solo in the future. We will be glad to welcome YOU back, sir -- but next time no horsin' around please..." See the footage below.

Some commenters on the original post said they were so impressed with how Town Pump handled it, that they will be gassing up there, another said it had to be a drunken dare, and others laughed it off as a classic Montana move.

In other Montana horse news, a local Army vet is helping to raise awareness about missing and murdered Indigenous women in our state and beyond. He has made a rocking horse hand carved out of maple plywood and recovered wood from the old Mercantile building. She's 36" long x 21" tall x 8" wide, so an heirloom rocking pony about 3 feet in length. She has buffalo nickel accents and a prayer for safe returns sewn into the saddle blanket. Little plaques on both sides of the pony are engraved with the words: MMIW - No More Stolen Sisters. Tickets are $20 each or 6 for $100 and can be purchased at Rockin' Rudy's, Bayern Brewing in Missoula, the T&C in Missoula, the Silver Dollar Bar in St. Igantius, and the Club Bar in Ronan. Get more info on the artist and raffle tickets here.

Photo courtesy of B+B Woodcrafting
Photo courtesy of B+B Woodcrafting

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