We recently heard that Montana is currently one of the best states in the country for new construction jobs... and it's probably because projects like this keep being announced.

The Waterworks Trailhead in Missoula is Getting a Facelift

One of the most popular trailheads in Missoula, the Waterworks Trailhead, is going to be closed for about three months while Missoula Parks and Rec begins work to add a series of new features to the trail.

According to KPAX, some of the new features set to be added include parking, accessibility features, trailhead amenities, and a seasonal restroom. The Waterworks Trailhead will officially be closed beginning on April 15th, with the aim to reopen sometime in mid-July.

While it's a bummer that this popular destination will be closed for a while, the good news is that there is a time frame for reopening. We're always hearing about construction projects that aren't supposed to take that long but end up taking forever anyway (hello, the bridge on Higgins!), so hopefully this one's able to stick to its timetable.

Plus, the surrounding trails will still be open to the public during that time, so people will be fine. If there's one thing Missoula does not have a shortage of, it's beautiful trails to explore once the weather gets nicer.

You can find out more information about some of the other projects that Missoula Parks and Rec is doing over at their website. Are you excited to see what the newly-renovated Waterworks Trail ends up looking like?

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