If you've moved or done some major cleaning this year, you know it's nearly impossible to donate the things you don't want. As we've had to learn in 2020, the pandemic affects every single thing, including freeing up space in your closet. We moved over the summer and I kept driving through parking lots every few days to see if anyone would take all of the stuff in the back of my truck, no dice. However, local organization 406 Families has discovered that there are places in Missoula that are accepting donations during the pandemic.

Bargain Corner at 200 South California Street, this is that little thrift shop southwest of Ogren Park. Bethel Baptist Free Clothing Closet is at 1601 South 6th Street West and they are ONLY accepting warm winter clothes at the moment. One of my local faves, Donation Warehouse will take your larger items like furniture and appliances, at 1804 North Avenue West. They repair items for resale with proceeds going to child abuse prevention in Missoula. Habitat Restore is our local Habitat For Humanity resource for repurposed items like tools and building material, you can donate at 1515 Wyoming. That's the same location for Home Resource, which is Missoula's sustainability center, they've got a ton of info on zero waste programs and can accept donations as well. Home Thrift Boutique is accepting donations at 702 Southwest Higgins, and River of Life will take your clothing and household items in East Missoula. Hours and more info about all of these locations can be found here.

406 Families is a great local source for activities, events, ideas, and resources for families in the Missoula area. They consistently come up with fun ideas, alternative solutions, and helpful ideas for families, and not just during the pandemic. You can keep up with them here.

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