I thought we were a little extra when we offered $1000 for the return of our cat (that offer still stands, by the way.) But this family is so distraught about their missing dog, that they are offering a $5000 for her return, or information leading to her return.

According to human, Eve, she and her Rosie were on their daily walk this past Sunday (February 7) around 9:30 a.m. when the dog went missing. Eve says it's almost like Rosie disappeared into thin air, no barking for help, no sign of tracks in the snow, nothing. It's their regular walking area, about two miles from their home in the Rocky Point area of Polson, and Rosie knows her way home from there. The family and their friends have combed the area all week and have come up with nothing, they're hoping somebody may have picked her up and will return her.

Rosie was wearing an orange insulated coat, a green color with the family's phone number and her name, which was was covered by an over-the-collar bandana. The missing dog has been reported to the Mission Valley Animal Shelter and the info has been shared a lot, but Eve hasn't heard a word about Rosie's whereabouts.  A missing pet is so heartbreaking, especially in this cold, our family is still really sad about our cat who went missing in July.

If you've heard anything or know anything about this dog, please reach out to Eve directly at 406 253 6445, or contact the Mission Valley Animal Shelter. Fingers crossed for Rosie's safe return!

Photo courtesy of Eve Morris Dixon/Facebook
Photo courtesy of Eve Morris Dixon/Facebook

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