Last year, the legendary Vans Warped Tour announced that 2018 was to be the final year of the tour. Pop-punk fans were upset, but it was a successful tour, and everybody went home knowing that they got to be there for the last Warped Tour ever.

Anyway, I'm going to Warped Tour this weekend.

2019 is the 25th anniversary of Warped Tour, so they had to do something. So instead of doing a full tour - which, again, they've said they're not doing anymore - this time around, they organized a couple of 25th anniversary shows featuring a Best-of-the-Best of classic Warped Tour bands. A few weeks back they held one in New Jersey, and this weekend I'll be in Mountain View, California, watching the likes of The Offspring, Bad Religion, NOFX, Less Than Jake, All-American Rejects, Save Ferris, The Vandals, Sum 41, Andrew WK, The Used, Goldfinger and more!

It's gonna be dope - here are just five of the things I can't wait to see at Warped Tour this year.

1) The pop-punk kids clashing with the emo kids clashing with the ska kids

2) Andrew WK partying too hard. Calm down, Andrew WK!

3) The sunburn I get when I forget to bring sunscreen - even writing this right now won't remind me, I will definitely forget.

4) People shouting "WE COULDN'T WAIT FOR THE SUMMER AND THE WARPED TOUR!" from that one Blink-182 song even though Blink-182 isn't performing.

5) The inevitable announcement that Warped Tour will somehow also be back in 2020.

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