Happy National Picnic Day! I'm sure it's marked on your calendar and you considered taking the day off as it's such a major holiday. For real though, our weather finally figured out that winter is over, so getcher buns outside, even if it's just to enjoy a meal with your family. Here are 5 great places to throw down a blanket and eat under the blue skies of Missoula.

U of M Campus - we have a gorgeous campus and residents often forget that you don't have to be a student to enjoy it.

Pattee Canyon - if you're not too familiar with the area you may want to stick to the designated picnic area for now. Just follow SW Higgins up and watch for the signs to the parking lot.

Fort Missoula - if you have kids in soccer you've definitely seen the beautifully remodeled area at the Fort. If not, take South Avenue west until you see the good stuff and find a nice spot there.

Greenough Park - there's a ton discover at Greenough in the Rattlesnake. Fishing, hiking, horseshoes, joggging trails, and yes, a picnic area. It's complete with parking and a playground for the little ones. Take Madison or Spruce to Greenough Drive, but rather than going up the hill, take a right on Vine and left down Monroe to find a great picnic area way back in the trees at the end of the street.

Bonner Park - if you have limited time or maybe you're just on your lunch break, Bonner is perfect because it's spacious and there's no way the kids can get bored. Plus, it's just east of Higgins so you're not driving out in to the woods or anything.

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