April 20th has pretty much become a national holiday, and you know we'll be celebrating here in Missoula!

Be at Mellow Mood for their annual 4/20 block party, it's getting bigger every year, and will feature live music from TATR, The Voodoo Horseshoes, Tonsofun and Wormwood Fallow this time around. There will also be a special glass blowing demonstration by the very talented Joe Montana (not THAT Joe Montana). You've never seen glass blowing like this, so don't miss it! The block party will start at 2 p.m. on Thursday, April 20th.

The owners of Mellow Mood, at 630 South Higgins, next to Ear Candy Music, shared the following message regarding the party:

The Missoula community has shown us so much love in the short time we have been in business and this our way of saying thanks to yall, we couldn't do be here with you guys and yall rock!

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