As everyone around Western Montana knows, this weekend is graduation. All of the hard working college students get to walk across the stage in Washington Grizzly Stadium and receive their degree. After the graduation ceremony, it's time to celebrate the accomplishment.

There are tons of graduation parties planned for this weekend, and those are very well deserved. Although there are a few things that are must have's when it comes to putting on a graduation party.

1. Good Music, put on something fun that everyone will enjoy. It's all about having a good time, so stay away from dirty lyrics. Keep it up beat and fun.

2. Food, let's be honest most people at a graduation party are going to be having a drink or two. Make sure there is food readily available so no one turns into "that guy".

3. Safe rides home, if someone is at your party, you're probably friends with them. Hopefully your friends know better than to drink and drive but it's always good to help them make the right decision.

With those three things you know your graduation party will be a blast. Have fun, enjoy your weekend. For one last weekend, enjoy life without thinking about the big responsibilities that are headed your way.


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