Congrats to Miss Becca for being declared as Missoula's favorite coworker! Her work sidekick Kelli nominated her and they are going to the Pearl Jam show for free.

They work at a local architecture firm and here's what Kelli had to say about Becca behind her back:

She is the bomb!! When I fell on the ice and hurt my butt, she let me use her standing desk for a whole week. Prized real estate! We work at an architecture firm where the male-female ratio is very lopsided and she holds her own like a total boss and inspires me to do the same! Not only does she work crazy hard and pick up people's slack, but she's ALWAYS down for Friday beers at the A.V. club afterwards. In short, she's got a pair of ladyballs and gets shit done. And deserves to be recognized for all her hard work!

Ladyballs! Definitely cause for celebration. The sad part is that Becca recently announced her resignation, so the pair are really looking forward to their concert night together before she moves.

The girls also scored enough Alt 101.5 coffee to last them for a full month at work, thanks to Hunter Bay Coffee Roasters; a couple of Alt t-shirts; dinner at the Depot and a fantastic bottle of Moonshine from Willie's Distillery.

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