Violence played a major roll at the Missoula County Attorney’s Office this past week with a full half of the office’s 18 new felony cases featuring some form of violent crime. According to County Attorney Kirsten Pabst, most of those crimes involved family member assaults.

"We had several strangulation cases and combination strangulation and Partner Family Member Assault. There was a PFMA in which the defendents mother was the victim of the offense, she was trying to stop the some very bad behavior involving the injestion of drugs and the suspect allegedly lashed out at her," Pabst said. "Also in the violent crime category were two robbery cases."

There was also a disturbing number of endangerment cases.

"Three new complaints were filed in the endangerment category," Pabst said. "One Criminal Endangerment, One felony DUI, in which the defendant allegedly drove right off the road, right off Highway 93, which is scary considering how busy that is this time of year, and then there was a reckless driving that also involved the obstruction of a peace officer"

There were also four property crimes, including two trespassing cases and two theft cases: one of which involved a stolen credit card and another which involved stolen silver bars.  There were two drug cases as well, both of which involved methamphetamine.

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