Montanans mourned the loss of our beloved Piano Pat this week, and now we get the news that a 131-year-old Butte staple, the M&M Bar and Cigar Store caught fire and burned this morning, Friday, May 7th. According to locals in Butte, the roof was completely burned out, and the inside of the establishment totally gutted by the fire.

In their original location at 9 North Main in Butte since 1890, the M&M is listed in the National Register of Historical Places and has been operating 24/7 every since, except during the 2020 pandemic, of course. The Ms in M&M stand for the original owners Sam Martin and William F. Mosby, although the bar has had many owners since it opened it's doors in1890. The legendary saloon quickly became a local favorite for dining and gambling, and during prohibition, stayed in business and open 24/7 as a cigar shop, although it was a speakeasy. What we wouldn't give to be able to jump in a souped up DeLorean and go back in time to experience a Butte speakeasy during Prohibition!

We don't know the current owner, Selina, personally, but our friends in Butte say she's one helluva cook, contributor to the community, and all around nice person, our hearts go out to her and the residents of Butte. Headframe Spirits posted an awesome toast to the M&M, along with some old school photos of the bar, and you can see the sad news footage of the fire below.

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