For many students like myself, we are eager to finish our last finals and get our summer rolling. Saturday marks the end of many students' days here at UM and graduations will indicate the beginning of many students future careers as they head off into their professional fields. This is the 121st commencements ceremonies and things are a little different this time around. Instead of many individual ceremonies being conducted there will only be two, honoring the students from Professional Schools, Humanity & Science, and Missoula College.

First, professional schools will have their ceremony starting at 9:30, lasting around two hours graduating students from the College of Visual and Performing Arts, College of Education and Human Sciences, College of Business, College of Forestry and Conservation, School of Journalism, and the College of Health Professional and Biomedical Sciences. This will be the longer of the two ceremonies, so plan your day accordingly.

Second, the Humanity & Sciences and Missoula College students will be taking the stage at 2:30. Attending either of these ceremonies is a great way to show your appreciation towards the hard work that each and every student has given throughout their college career.

Even if you are still attending classes, have friends and family graduating, or have no ties to anyone graduating, it’s a great place to honor the younger members of our community. The university acquired a new president this semester and will be giving speeches at each of these ceremonies. Things are changing at the University of Montana, so if you are also interested in what the future has to hold make sure to be there.

After all the the ceremonies have concluded, many individual graduates will host parties in their and others honor. If you know someone graduating, ask if they are holding one and make sure to attend. College is one of the greatest achievements that one can achieve and they deserve to be honored for all that they have done.

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